If you experience any problems with your product, please try the following troubleshooting tips before contacting the Data Harvest support team.



Loss of Bluetooth Connectivity

If the sensor loses Bluetooth connection and will not reconnect try:

Closing and reopening the EasySense 2 app

Switching the sensor Off and then On again

If you are using a Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor on your computer, unplug the adaptor, plug back in again and try to reconnect

Hard reset the sensor and then try to reconnect

Wild readings

Check for air bubbles in the electrode tip

Response time and stability are affected by the condition of the electrodes glass membrane and reference solution

Restoration to acceptable levels can often be accomplished by cleaning the electrode’s glass surface

Sluggish response, erratic readings, or a reading that will not change

Indicate electrode demise

If the sensors are being used in a solution that has a high conductance e.g. seawater take readings from the sensors individually.

Place one sensor in the solution, take a reading, and remove from the solution. Place the other sensor in the solution, take a reading and remove