The Smart Wireless sensors are fitted with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and can be charged via the USB port. Use the supplied USB lead to connect the sensor either directly to a USB port on your computer, a powered USB hub or a USB mains charger that outputs 5 V at 500 mA or more. 

A full charge can take up to 4 hours.

Additional Information

Whenever the sensor is connected to the USB port on the computer or to a USB mains charger (output 5 V at 500 mA or more), it will automatically recharge the battery (LED status flashing white).

When connected to a computer, the computer should be turned on and not in sleep or standby mode, as the battery may drain instead of charge. 

The sensor will stay awake for 60 mins when Bluetooth advertising (LED status flashing blue).

Lithium-ion batteries are ‘memory-free’ and prefer a partial rather than a full discharge. Constant partial discharges with frequent recharges will not cause any harm. Frequent full discharges should be avoided whenever possible. Ideally the sensor should be stored at about 40% or more charge.

The speed at which a lithium-ion battery will age is governed by both its storage temperature (preferably less than 40 ̊C) and state-of-charge.