The Smart Wireless 5V Voltage & Current Sensor can be used wherever you would use a voltmeter or ammeter. The advantage of using these sensors over multimeters will be the ability to use many sensors, record the data via software, and record fast transient events. Examples of practical work where use of the sensor will enhance learning and understanding include work to study:  

  • What changes the current in a circuit? 
  • Series and parallel circuits
  • Ohm’s law
  • Good and bad conductors 
  • Alternative power investigations e.g. solar cells, water power, wind energy, etc. 
  • Fuses
  • Laws of resistance
  • Resistivity of a wire 
  • Long wires, less power? 
  • Electrical component characteristics
  • Dynamo effect
  • Faraday’s induction of current or voltage in a coil
  • Capacitor discharge, charge and energy stored
  • Diodes: a.c.. diode rectification
  • Impedance changes with frequency
  • Efficiency of an electric motor / generator
  • Resonance in a series LCR circuit
  • Reactance and phase in a capacitor
  • Transistors 

With the software set to a numeric display, the sensor and software will create a digital voltmeter and ammeter.  

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