Thank you for purchasing the Smart Wireless Magnetic Field Sensor. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that meets with the demands of the busy classroom environment. If you have any problems using this sensor, please read this documentation in full before contacting the Data Harvest support team. 


The Smart Wireless Magnetic field sensor is used to explore the magnitude and direction of a magnetic field in three dimensions lying at right angles (X, Y and Z) at two magnitudes of magnetic field (±5 or ±130 mT). 

Use to explore the nature and strength of the magnetic field in a solenoid or permanent magnet.

The sensor is both USB and Bluetooth compatible. Using Bluetooth the sensor can wirelessly connect to mobile devices such tablets and mobile phones as well as desktop or laptop computers giving students the ability to run experiments independently without being tethered to a traditional data logger. See the EasySense2 user manual system requirements for further details.

The sensor is supplied with a mini USB lead (1 m standard A to standard mini B) and the X magnetic field channel as its default range.

Note: Charge the Magnetic field sensor fully before first use.