Thank you for purchasing the Smart Wireless Atmospheric Pressure Sensor. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that meet with the demands of the busy classroom environment. 

If you have any problems using this sensor, please read this documentation in full before contacting the Data Harvest Support Team.

This Atmospheric Pressure Sensor is USB and Bluetooth compatible. Using Bluetooth, this sensor can connect to mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.   

The Atmospheric Pressure Sensor reports the atmospheric pressure. The pressure range is 30 to 110 kPa, atmospheric pressure has a global average of 101.3 kPa at sea level.

The sensor will also measure elevation to within 0.15 m (based on atmospheric pressure) and temperature to a tolerance of 0.1oC. 

This device forms a central component in general atmospheric studies and can be part of a configurable weather station.    

The Atmospheric Pressure Sensor is equipped with a micro controller that greatly improves the accuracy, precision, and consistency of readings. It is supplied calibrated, and the relevant stored calibration (for elevation) is automatically loaded when the sensor is connected.