The Smart Wireless Gas Pressure – Differential Sensor can be used wherever you would use a pressure gauge, and in particular where pressure changes are small, and a high resolution is required. The advantage of use over a standard gauge will be the ability to use many sensors (for example pressure and temperature), record the data via software, display the data to a large numeric display, and record fast transient events. Examples of practical work where use of the sensor will enhance learning and understanding include work to study:  

  • Gay-Lussac’s law 
  • Estimation of absolute zero 
  • Heat and pressure change with “hand grasp” 
  • Rate of Respiration  
  • Yeast Fermentation 
  • Rate of Transpiration 
  • Chest expansion – with additional Chest belt (product 3190
  • Depth gauge 
  • A modern manometer 
  • Change of pressure in an explosion (one port sealed) 

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