Thank you for purchasing the Smart Skin Resistance Sensor. 

We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that meet with the demands of the busy classroom environment. 

If you have any problems using this sensor, please read this documentation in full before contacting the Data Harvest support team.


The  Wireless Skin Resistance Sensor is a flexible device that will readily record changes in skin resistance values in a repeatable way. Designed to be simple to use yet sensitive, the Skin Resistance Sensor can measure changes to a 1% resolution limit in conductance, using DC mode operation. 

The unit comprises the sensor and a pair of electrodes. This arrangement makes it both hygienic and very easy to use. 

Fully field - deployable, this Skin Resistance Sensor comes equipped with a pre-defined calibration scale for maximum utility.    

Skin resistance is an informative measure of not only the physical state of skin, but an indicator in psychological testing, such as The Stroop effect. 

The Smart Wireless Skin Resistance Sensor is USB and Bluetooth compatible. Using Bluetooth, a sensor can connect to mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.