Thank you for purchasing the Wireless Dynamics System. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that meet with the demands of the busy classroom environment. If you have any problems using this sensor, please read this documentation in full before contacting the Data Harvest support team.


The Wireless Dynamics System and track provides all the tools in one package to study kinematics, dynamics, momentum, collisions, and energy. The package comes with all the accessories you will need to start work as soon as it arrives.

The two colours of the supplied carts (blue and white) make it simpler to discuss what is happening in class demonstrations and explanations.

Additionally, the wireless cart has built-in sensors for measuring force, velocity, three axes of acceleration, and three axes of rotational velocity.

The cart has a wide profile for added stability and low friction wheel bearings to give consistent data. The 1.2m track provides sufficient space for good quality results in a format that will fit onto most modern laboratory benches, allowing students to study both the theory and practicals at their bench . The Data Harvest Wireless Light Gates fit to the side of the track.

The cart can be used without the track for those longer distances and demonstrations.

To use the cart, you need the EasySense2 software. The wireless connectivity means you can connect directly with no need for cables.