Thank you for purchasing the Smart Wireless Salinity Sensor. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products that meet with the demands of the busy classroom environment. If you have any problems using this sensor, please read this documentation in full before contacting the Data Harvest support team.


A salinity sensor is a conductivity sensor that is specialised for measuring the total dissolved salt content of ocean or brackish water.

The precision of the sensor will allow the user to measure the salt content of water used for drinking and horticultural use.

The sensor is designed with platinum based electrodes to provide accuracy and to slow down long term contamination of the electrode material.

The software allows the electrode and sensor combination to be calibrated to compensate for long term changes to the electrodes.

The salinity is measured by pulsing a voltage across the electrode plates, the current flow is measured and converted into a salinity reading. The pulsed voltage prevents electrolysis at the electrode plates, and reduced contamination and degradation of the electrode plates.